A journey into our fears’ innermost depths

A journey into our fears’ innermost depths

TIMERE / Theatrical action for ‘war poems’ by Ferrater


Format: Itinerant and immersive show accompanying a poetry recital
Commissioned by: Romea Foundation
A co-production of: Quatre Gotes, Cia Kamchàtka and Romea Foundation
Dates: 12/12/2022
Location: Teatre Romea Barcelona (Spain)



TIMERE is a project that was born from the proposal of Cia Quatre Gotes to theatricalise  a poetry recital by Gabriel Ferrater through the universe of Cia Kamchatka. TIMERE begins in the middle of the Raval street in Barcelona, and traveling with the audience through the bowels of the theater (stairs, chambers and dressing rooms) ends in the stalls of the Teatro Romea with the words of Ferrater.


Project description

Fear may not seem like a great subject for literature or philosophy. But many people have been afraid and many of us still are. We need to talk about this too. And that is what we are going to do. Taking the experience of the civil war, which Gabriel Ferrater recounts in the narrative poem In Memoriam, as a starting point, Quatre Gotes and the Kamchàtka company propose a journey into the interior of our fears. The fears we have inherited and the fears that surround us now. With a uniquely immersive staging that draws on text, music, spaces and the most intimate gazes, the company applies its experience and ability to move the audience in order to create a dynamic show, in movement, passing in small and distinct groups through different areas of the theatre, from the best known areas (such as the foyer) to the most intimate and ‘private’ (such as the dressing rooms and technical areas) and leading the audience to suddenly find another side to the theatrical space, another side to Ferrater’s poetry and perhaps another side of themselves.
*(Timere; from the Latin, “to be afraid”)


Quatre Gotes
Xavier Miró, Andrés Noarde, Daniel Llandrich, Carme Martí

Cía. Kamchatka:
Gary Shochat, Prisca Villa, Luis Petit, Cristina Aguirre, Santi Rovira, Maika Eggericx

Artistic coordination:
Santi Rovira, Cristina Aguirre and Carme Martí

Cía. Kamchatka

Andrés Noarde and Daniel Llandrich

Xavier Miró

Gabriel Ferrater

Rita Stivala

Stage managers: 
Camille Latron, Pau Serés, Emma Rovira

Tristan Pérez-Martín

Sonia Nieto- Sergi Panizo

Special thanks: 
Fèlix Riera, Silvia Güell
The entire technical team of Teatro Romea
Carmen Balcells Literary Agency



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Rita Stivala


Tel. +31 20 408 25 04


Rita Stivala