A site-specific performance for natural or rural landscapes

Upcoming project. Creation in september 2021.

ALTER / street theatre / site specific

Alter, a journey into the heart of the night in search of our humanity, immersed in surrealism, the absurd, heading towards hope. A moment to share fragments of memories, flashes of life, pain, fragility and intimate follies.

An experience which is intimately linked to the landscape and to interaction with the public. A nighttime outing transformed into an exodus, a journey in which memories are but the first building blocks of a collective future that is steeped in uncertainty.

Actors & Creators: Cristina Aguirre, Claudio Levati, Andrea Lorenzetti, Judit Ortiz, Lluís Petit, Josep Roca Canal, Edu Rodilla, Santi Rovira, Adrian Schvarzstein, Gary Shochat, Prisca Villa
Artistic coordination: Lluís Petit & Prisca Villa
Soundtrack: La Fausse compagnie / Le chant des pavillons
Video production: Lluis de Sola
Animations: Diego Ingold
Video Box programming and technical design: Claire-Noël and Félix Le Saulnier
Video Box construction: Oriol Pont
Choreography : Xavi Estrada
Music Mastering : Denys Sanz

A CARRER 88, S.L. production, accompanied by Melando.
With the support of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies (ICEC) – Generalitat de Catalunya.
Coproduced by FiraTàrrega #SuportALaCreació Program (Catalonia), CNAREP Le Parapluie – Aurillac, CNAREP Pronomade(s) en Haute-Garonne – Encausse les Thermes, CNAREP Le Boulon – Vieux-Condé, SCIN Derrière le Hublot – Capdenac-Gare, Furies – Châlons en Champagne, Melando (France), Arctic Arts Festival – Harstad (Norway).
Special thanks to Jan Estebanell, Leo Ferrer, Jordi Fondevila, Anna Mc Neil, Sònia Nieto, Joan Rodilla, Carlota Rovira, Emma Rovira, Mutte Cultural al Convent de Pontos, Institut 22@.

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 Photo credits: Sònia Nieto, Jean-Alexandre Lahoscinsky, Vincent Muteau, Pep Companys, Michael Cardow, Per Rasmussen.

Bookings / Production

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